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sandbox n.
1. (also 'sandbox, the') Common term for the R&D department at many software and computer companies (where hackers in commercial environments are likely to be found). Half-derisive, but reflects the truth that research is a form of creative play. Compare playpen. 2. Syn. link farm. 3. A controlled environment within which potentially dangerous programs are run. Used esp. in reference to Java implementations.
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vi powered User: I'm having trouble with this editor.
Admin: Which one are you using?
User: Um, I dunno.
Admin: Emacs? Which version are you running?
User: Umm, I'm running version vi, and having heaps of trouble. Is vii out?
Admin: Say what?
User: Have they done anything new?
Admin: Well... Yeah, they're up to xv now, but that needs a special graphical interface.
User: Oh, well, thanks anyway.
Admin: *shudder*
All unaccompanied children will be given espresso and a free kitten.
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