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Qt-Performer Widget

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Here's a little widget to integrate Performer graphics with the Qt user interface. It's not the fastest that Performer can do since it's triggered from the Qt main loop (a usual problem with event-driven interfaces) but otherwise it integrates very nicely. There's some artifacts during window resizes though.

Included is a little application that lets you load objects. Nothing else yet to modify the scene, no light placement, no camera movement.

The software is developed on Qt-2.3.2 but should work with earlier versions as well. As of July, 2002 it's also tested and working (on my home machine) with Qt-3.0.5. Thanks to Jörn Tümmler for supplying the template .pro file.

Performer man-pages for SuSE 7.x

I've had trouble getting the man-pages that come with Performer 2.4 for Linux working on a SuSE 7.1 system. Apparently the version of man that comes with it doesn't like the convention of the Performer man-pages.

The solution was to move the .c and .C++ files into separate directories named man3pfc and man3pfC++ and to put those directories under a single empty 'man' directory. A good place seems to be /usr/share/Performer/man. You'll need to put that directory somewhere in your MANPATH.

Another minor problem is to change the 'source' commands in some of the .c files. Originally they point so '.so man3/name.pf3.c' so that has to be changed to '.so man3pfc/name.pf3.c'. Simple matter of grep and sed.

Unfortunately this doesn't solve all the problems; e.g. it's not possible to create a whatis database so 'man -k' or 'apropos' won't work... :-(

Download pf-man-SuSE.tar.bz2


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