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OpenSceneGraph / libavg Integration

The purpose of this project was to integrate OpenSceneGraph rendering with the 2D animation library libavg. libavg does its own OpenGL rendering in a context created by SDL and to bring OSG and SDL to play nicely together proved to be a bit of a challenge...


CeBIT 2004 - Deutsche Telekom AG

Below are a some photos of two projects I was involved in for the stand of the Deutsche Telekom AG at CeBIT 2004 in Hanover.

The first is a presentation tool for slides, animations (basically a stack of slides), and movies. It's integrated into a 3D desktop and controlled by a motion tracking system using datagloves. It also send commands to a media control system for audio and light effects.

I did the presentation software and also the motion tracking. The motion tracking was used at CeBIT 2003 as well. The software ran in different configurations at two locations.


The photos below are from a system of 56 (or so, I forgot the exact number) LED panels mounted in an oval shape above the stand displaying realtime 3D graphics from a custom OSG application as well as pre-produced and live video from various sources. The LED panels can rotate about one axis and the 3D camera follows that movement. I did the initial prototype as well as consulting during development and installation.

Those were some seriously short nights... 8-%


Rebell Visualization

This application is used to monitor the status of telecommunications lines in real-time. The status is read from a MySQL database and sent to the renderer for visualization and navigation. Network nodes can be picked and their current state examined in-depth. The OSG renderer is embedded in a Qt graphical user interface. (Rebell is the name of the monitoring system.)

It was ported from OpenInventor to OpenSceneGraph. The transition went smoothly and performance was increased noticably.

ReVis screenshot 1  ReVis screenshot 2
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